Friday, 01 October 2021

DP signs pioneering Vietnam integrated waste management project

DP signed its first consultancy contract in Vietnam with Indevco Group J.S.C. The contract has been under discussion since early 2021, and officially commenced in mid-August.  The scope includes site surveys and design services for a new 2million m3 sanitary landfill in Quang Ninh Province, along the northeastern coast of Vietnam and about 153 km (95 miles) east of Hanoi.
Indevco Group J.S.C is the concessionaire for waste treatment for the region and has a vision to develop responsible and effective long-term solutions for waste management. The sanitary landfill is the first step in a broader plan for an integrated waste management centre for the area. 
Since 2016, 530tpd of unsorted and untreated waste have been dumped into a temporary storage area.  The new 2million tonne capacity sanitary landfill will accept and treat waste from this old landfill, as well as new, incoming waste. At the same time, a state-of-the-art 750-800tpd WtE facility is being developed that will eventually replace the landfilling activity. This WtE facility will convert waste to electricity, combusting excavated and sorted waste from the landfills as well as incoming fresh MSW of 550-600tpd. Over time, the landfills will be stabilised and reduced in size, acting as a backup facility. An existing 900tpd WtE facility will be overhauled to accept industrial and hazardous waste. This phased, holistic approach is both a realistic and responsible response to the waste management program in Vietnam.  Integrating technologies and design expertise at the outset to provide total solutions will maximise operational efficiencies and improve environmental and economic outcomes.
The technical challenges are real.  Regulations in Vietnam require waste management developments to be at least 1km from household settlements, which means that there is only 600ha available for implementation in this area.  In addition, the topology and the extreme rainfall make it very challenging to manage surface water and leachate to required EU standards. DP’s expertise, experience and proactive approach has been key to gaining Indevco’s trust for the design of this solution. Despite the lockdown conditions of the last 18 months DP demonstrated ingenuity and persistence in conducting topographical surveys using sophisticated drone technology, showing commitment to the project as well as the required technical expertise for the design of an effective solution.     
DP’s CEO Simon Parker noted “Indevco have given DP their trust to identify the right solution as a basis for their overall strategy. The project aligns with DP’s goal to deliver cohesive technology solutions for waste management throughout the waste cycle and the value chain; and we firmly believe that our ability to deliver waste solutions on a holistic basis, using different technologies for waste types makes DP a strong and trustworthy partner for developers and EPC’s”. 
Indevco’s CEO, Mr. Do Tien Dung, echoed these words, saying “We want to develop long term strategies that address the challenge of various waste types; aiming ultimately to move away from landfill to deliver sustainable waste to energy solutions that maximise the value of waste as well as meeting environmental obligations. The whole process - from daily waste collection, safe transportation and the waste to energy conversion – must be done correctly and we are determined to achieve this for the benefit of the community and the environment”.  
About DP
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group is a leading renewable and environmental management company which designs, engineers, manufactures, project-manages and commissions biomass, waste-to-energy and waste management projects.  Our focus is the efficient and environmentally responsible transformation of all types of waste - agricultural, forestry, industrial, household or landfill - into a productive resource, using the most advanced technologies available. Our excellent reputation has been built on proven, reliable technology and world class execution - which has been demonstrated in over 300 projects around the world.  DP’s specialist consultancy business offers tailored advice on all aspects of the project development process, including financing and project feasibility.  
DP’s core waste and environmental management technologies originated in Europe, and these have been successfully adapted to meet the requirements in many different markets.  DP currently has operations in Europe and Asia - including manufacturing, engineering, R&D, and design - to support global clients and international growth. 
About Indevco Group J.S.C
Established in 1996, Indevco Group J.S.C was one of the very first private companies in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. Since its inception, one of the company’s main goals has been to develop the emerging industrial sectors of Vietnam’s rapidly growing economy (Indevco is short for Industries Development).  However, Vietnam’s thriving economic development and growing population are driving ever-increasing amounts of waste, and the issue of waste management is a priority for the country and the company.  Over the last 5 years Indevco has improved the local environment by proactively collecting and disposing of waste from 500,000 households in Cam Pha and Ha Long cities (including Ha Long Bay) at no public cost.  The company is now formalising its waste management credentials and is focusing on identifying suitable partners and solutions to address the waste problem in Vietnam whilst pioneering a new, sustainable and long-term waste management industry.
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