Tuesday, 06 April 2010

DP CleanTech's advanced mixed-fuel biomass technology to be used for projects in the Philippines

The Chinese, British and, Finnish Ambassadors to the Philippines along with a host of other dignitaries were present to celebrate and witness the signing of agreements between DP-CleanTech, Global Green Power PLC Corporation (“GGPC”) and Poyry Energy Inc., for the delivery of two Biomass Power Plants to the Philippines.

DP CleanTech signed agreements for the delivery of two 17.5 Megawatt (35 MW) Multi-Fuelled Biomass Boiler Islands to be located in Iloilo and Nueva Ecija, as well as a Letter of Intent for another 35 Megawatt plant in Bukidnon, all of which are areas in the Philippines with abundant biomass resources. The biomass power plants will provide grid connected, sustainable, decentralized, clean, renewable energy, utilizing abundant agricultural waste as an indigenous fuel and delivering significant additional income and employment to the agricultural sector in the Philippines.

DP CleanTech develops the world’s foremost high efficiency biomass technology for mixed fuels., the two new state-of -the-art biomass power plants will utilize agricultural waste such as rice husk, sugar cane residue and rice straw.

DP Clean tech’s sales manager, Jerome le-Borgne said “This project represents another important milestone for our company, as  our first project in South East Asia. We engage with our customers as partners and will leverage our experience in biomass power plant operations and management  to help  GGPC achieve the best results.”


Kai Jiang, DP CleanTech Chairman commented “We are very excited about the GGP project as they share our vision for the future of biomass in recognizing the need for scale in order to accelerate the adoption of biomass as a key energy source in the Philippines


Steve Waterfield CEO/GGPC: "DP CleanTech and Poyry Energy have been selected to deliver our Biomass Power Plants due to their best in class and proven engineering, operations and equipment solutions."