Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DPCT successfully completes the NBE Pizhou project hydraulic test

The milestone hydraulic test for DPCT/NBE Pizhou biomass energy project located in Jiangsu province was successfully completed on June 10th, 2015. The hydraulic test marks the completion of the boiler and piping system installation, and ensures the correct basis for operation.  

Pizhou is an NBE group project, and is the group’s 38th biomass project investment in China since 2006. All NBE biomass projects utilize DP CleanTech’s “High Pressure, High Temperature Vibrating Grate” biomass solution. 34 plants are currently in  operation, another 4 are under construction.

The total investment in the Pizhou project was 300million CNY (approximately 50million USD), with 1*130thp boiler and 1*30MW turbine. The DP solution for this project consisted of  a single boiler, single furnace, balanced ventilation, solid state slag, all steel frame and bottom sprag structure. The design fuel is waste agricultural straw (wheat, rice) with an annual fuel consumption of 300,000 tons.  This is equivalent to 100,000 tons of standard coal consumption and a CO2 emission reduction of 300,000 tons per annum.

The fuel logistics for Pizhou are based on the collection of agricultural straw waste from an area of approximately 2,700 ha surrounding the plant.  The use of waste straws increases local farmers’ income and enhances the local economic development. The plant itself also creates jobs for local people.