Tuesday, 28 August 2018

DP completes the pressure test for Elblag biomass power plant

Last week, DP successfully completed the milestone boiler pressure test for Elblag biomass power plant in Poland. The pressure test was conducted in two stages. The first step, (ECO) was tested at 226 Bar, and the second step to run the whole biomass boiler was tested at 206 Bar. 
This 25MWe CHP biomass plant is owned and operated by Energa Kogeneracja Sp. z o.o. in Elblag, Poland. The plant was commissioned in 2014 but the performance was unsatisfactory. In order to optimize the boiler’s performance, increase the security of municipal heat supply and upgrade the local infrastructure, Energa signed a contract for boiler optimization with DP in January 2018. DP’s solution for Elblag CHP biomass plant consists of a complete exchange of the combustion system and a modification of the boiler 2nd pass. This is anticipated to result in a 25% increase overall of the heating exchange surface.
The implementation of projects such as Elblag is based on DP’s global execution model, which is unique in the industry.  DP’s organization structure and business systems facilitate global resourcing and knowledge sharing - this approach is behind the achievement at Elblag. Congratulations to the whole project team in showing how we can operate effectively and efficiently on the global stage.