Monday, 02 April 2018

DP CleanTech signs landmark French contract in China with EDF of France to Provide Complete Solution to EDF China Biomass Power Plant

In early 2018, recently elected French leader President Macron made his first visit to China amidst high hopes for a strengthening of Sino-French strategic cooperation in the critical area of energy production and management. During this visit, the first ever investment in a biomass power plant by French energy company EDF was signed with DP CleanTech. This is a landmark project which brings together 2 industry leaders; and it showcases the international nature of both DP and EDF’s capabilities. Over a decade ago, DP CleanTech pioneered the use of European HTHP straw combustion technology in China; and today can offer complementary technologies and expertise in MSW, water treatment, soil remediation and other environmental management. 
The EDF project in Lingbao is in the industrial zone north of Lingbao city, Henan province. EDF has signed a 30-year local government contract which will culminate in the provision of heat and power to over 25,000 households. When completed, the plant will occupy an area of 200 hectares, and will use agricultural and forestry wastes (apple branches, corn straw, mushroom cultivation waste) to power the 130 t/h HTHP biomass plant. The plant represents the 74th project for DP in China, maintaining DP’s market leading share of ~34%. The plant is expected to be operational in early 2019. The development of rural economies is a key aspect of the government’s efforts to redistribute incomes and drive social equality in China. During and after construction, the Lingbao project will create local jobs, provide greater economic opportunities and improve the quality of the environment for the community.     
In their public statement, EDF announced that: “The signing of a series of contracts in China signifies the further consolidation of our strategy in China.  We consider there to be huge potential in China’s renewable and energy management segments, and the newly signed projects are testament to EDF group’s strong confidence in the China market. This is completely in line with our CAP 2030 strategy which seeks to triple our business in rapidly developing markets by 2030.” 
Simon Parker, CEO of DP has commented “To have been selected to work on an important bilateral project such as this is of great importance to DP. We believe that our ability to deliver in China whilst meeting the expectations of international companies is of great benefit for such companies seeking to enter the China market.  We look forward to showcasing our capability and technology on this project”.    
About DP CleanTech
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group delivers a range of advanced, proprietary technology and service solutions for the renewable energy and environmental management industries. DP’s longstanding expertise in waste to clean energy conversion is enhanced with the latest knowhow and technologies in emissions management; automation, and waste water treatment. DP’s specialist consultancy business offers tailored advice on all aspects of the project development process, including financing and project feasibility. DP’s world class technologies originated in Europe and are the market leaders in China. Significant DP operations in Europe and Asia - including manufacturing, engineering, R&D and design – support global growth, and underpin an ongoing strategy to pioneer ground-breaking technologies with which to lead the advancement of renewable energy and environmental protection.
About EDF
As a global leader in low-carbon energy, the EDF Group covers every sector of expertise, from generation to trading and transmission grids. EDF builds on the expertise of its people, its R&D and engineering skills, its experience as a leading industry operator and the attentive support of its customers to deliver competitive solutions that successfully reconcile economic growth with climate protection.