Our business is founded on technology solutions that can make a positive difference to the quality of our environment and the lives of local communities. Our business operates on the belief that by developing and managing it in a manner that is consistently socially, ethically and economically responsible, we will create an enterprise that is progressively more competitive, sustainable and profitable.  

Ethically and economically responsible…….

DP CleanTech works to identify and implement only those solutions that will be operationally and economically successful and environmentally sustainable for each client’s situation. 

  • We undertake risk assessment on behalf of our clients to ensure that their business is designed to succeed using our technology
  • We support clients by training their operational staff for optimal deployment 
  • Our collaborative approach with our clients towards incremental product development minimizes financial exposure and technological risk, resulting in proven sustainable products and a widened knowledge base for the benefit of operators and developers. 
  • We operate according to international standards of product quality and HSE
  • We work only with suppliers and manufacturers that meet those same standards 


Socially responsible…..

DP CleanTech Group directly employs around 100 people around the world, from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We believe that the wellbeing of all our employees has its roots in several areas.

  • A company that promotes open communication; information sharing, individual accountability, merit driven promotion and employee ownership is a strong foundation and incentive for employees to increase their personal value and contribution to the company, the industry and society.
  • Career growth and mobility - facilitated by education, training and individual diligence. 
  • Suitable life balance, and the support of our families in our work and personal endeavours.

Throughout our company we have put in place the organizational structure, operating systems and corporate culture to support and encourage these beliefs. As a result, many of our employees have significantly enhanced their careers and prospects through self-advancement and company-supported opportunities. 

DP projects are located in many countries, in markets ranging from nascent to highly mature.  Whilst the impact of our business extends beyond the local communities in which our plants are located, our ambition is to develop a greater involvement with these communities that is enduring with a long term vision and impact.   

We have identified the area of education, specifically in environmental management, as the area in which we would like to develop policies for implementation.



Forecasted increase in the world’s population as well as resource strains associated with rapid development of densely populated regions is placing immense pressure on nations, communities and industries to adopt business models that make the most of renewable and non-renewable resources. The emergence of this holistic approach to development is evident in areas such as transportation, urban planning and energy production and distribution. These are also historically areas which until recently necessarily relied heavily on non-renewable hydrocarbons. DPCT’s core business revolves around recognizing and addressing these intensifying challenges, while remaining financially and economically sustainable. This ensures that we’ll be around to further advance and implement our solutions and continue to contribute to the emerging sustainable paradigm.