TISKA is a highly specialized engineering company based in France, with offices in key European locations.  The company focuses on maintaining and improving the performance of waste to energy incineration systems, with particular emphasis on mechanical grate performance and optimization of waste combustion systems from a range of suppliers.  DP is working with TISKA to bring this high level of plant services to Asian markets.  Waste to energy owners and operators will benefit from improved diagnosis and remediation capabilities and will see significant performance enhancements .  

TISKA services cover a range of activities for waste to energy plants

Maintenance and service

  • Regular service packages for engineering maintenance, repair and optimization of the grates and mechanical parts 
  • Supply and installation of spare parts 
  • Emergency repairs
Performance improvements and equipment installation
  • Combustion optimisation 
  • Planning, production, assembly and commissioning of complete slag discharge systems
  • Installation of furnace and boiler lining
Operator consultation 
  • Operator advice on storage logistics 
  • Equipment and plant safety improvements. 
  • Operator training 
TISKA are particularly expert in the following types of grate-related equipment
Horizontal grate
  • Filling chute and feeding system
  • Grate and grate limiting parts
  • Grate crushing
Reciprocating grate 
  • SITY 2000; VonRoll grate

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Project Reference

Region Fuel & water resources PDF Detail
Villejust Boiler retrofit
Pinellas Boiler retrofit
Nantes Arc en Ciel Boiler retrofit
Caen Boiler retrofit
Colmar Boiler retrofit
Lyon Boiler retrofit
Antibes Boiler retrofit
Rennes Boiler retrofit
Nice Boiler retrofit
Douchy les Mines Boiler retrofit
Toulon Boiler retrofit
Toulon Boiler retrofit