IT Specialist

Job Title: IT Specialist
Location: Katowice, Poland
About DP:
DP employs more than 100+ employees globally and it operates decentralized from 7 satellite offices across Europe and Asia. In Poland, DP has built up the service business particularly for Europe market from a manufacturing facility base in Jedrzejów and a resources hub of the Group executing solution-delivery business for domestic and international clients based out of Katowice in where main IT facilities are based.
Being a project led organization, employees of multiple satellite offices co-work on daily basis as one project team, which are supported by reliable network infrastructure and IT services from project resources planning, direct costing of products, documentation control etc. Mainly they are ERP, document/M-Files, MS Business 365, local/global backup servers and engineering software like Aveva E3D, Autodesk, etc.  
Our two-member IT Department is responsible for infrastructure maintenance, IT systems renewal and upgrade to newer version, react to various IT troubles from system performances and queried by employees, make customized functions of systems (where necessary and possible). 
The IT Support Engineer holds a workstation in Katowice, whilst travel to Jedrzejów on regular basis and to different satellite offices out of Poland occasionally as when needed. 
Main Responsibilities and Tasks:
1. Support daily IT needs of 50+ internal end users, incl: =
    a. React to enquiries and IT services request to exist staff globally.
    b. Provide IT training as, when necessary, e.g., new software, functions.
    c. Setup hardware and accounts of new employees, provide IT orientation.
    d. Provide technical support to end-users, troubleshoot problems, and provide solutions.
2. Support business operational reporting activities from project execution to factory production incl.: - 
    a. Project resources plan and work distribution report.
    b. Direct costs of every product assigned to each responsible project.
    c. Any other special reports required supporting business performance monitoring. 
3. Provide support to setup and maintain an effective IT environment by applying corporate standards and best practices: 
    a. Maintain and upgrade global ERP platform, document database (M-Files), synchronize engineering vault and database (Autodesk Vault, Aveva).
    b. Maintain various software administration (MS Business 365, M-Files, Aveva E3D, Autodesk etc.) in conjunction with software vendors.
    c. Maintain IT Infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking equipment like routers, switches, and firewalls.
    d. Support to build in customized functions of systems as where special business operational needs are proved.
4. Provide support to IT systems architecture development, including drive from concept to results delivery, optimize where necessary of existing infrastructure, with assistance from external IT specialist.
Required Skills:
Following skills are essential to have: -
a. Strong knowledge of computer hardware, software, and Windows operating systems.
b. Able to communication in English as work language.
c. Valid Drivers License.
Following skills are beneficial to have:
a. Experience in configuring, installing, and maintaining routers (Cisco or Mikrotik router technologies.
b. Experience with virtualization technologies, such as VMware or Proxmox.
c. Understanding of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, with the ability to implement and maintain security controls to protect against them.
d. Familiarity with backup and disaster recovery solutions, including backup strategies, replication, and restoration techniques.
e. Knowledge of database management systems MS SQL and the ability to maintain databases.
f. Practical Knowledge of T-SQL with Proficiency in writing SQL queries.
g. Experience with cybersecurity best practices, including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, and antivirus solutions.
h. Willingness to learn new technologies and keep up-to-date with industry trends.
DPCT Offers:
• International team-working environment. 
• Independency at work. 
• Friendly and open team spirit globally. 
• Broad project platform to shape your career.
How to Apply:
If you are interested in job opportunities at DP CleanTech, please send your CV along with covering letter to: hrmail@dpcleantech.com 
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