End to End Expertise

For DP CleanTech, a complete solution means delivering clean energy at the right parameters, whatever the fuel or technology. The many, varying physical properties and characteristics of biomass and waste fuels around the world means that delivering clean energy requires special expertise and an end to end approach encompassing the logistics, energy recovery process and management of the environmental footprint.

From an analysis of the feedstock format to in depth analysis of properties and combustion characteristics, DP CleanTech engineers will then use their longstanding experience and expert knowledge to design tailor-made feeding, boiler and other systems according to the fuel, output requirements and the prevailing environment. The inclusion of specialized technologies and techniques to maximize power plant performance and minimize the environmental footoprint and comply with regulatory standards are all within scope.

DP CleanTech solutions ensure that power plant efficiencies and economics are optimized; and that regulatory and international quality standards are reliably achieved.

  • DP CleanTech biomass fuel assessment

    Fuel assessment

    The first and most vital step in the process requires an extensive evaluation and understanding of the fuel type and condition. Many variations in form, chemical composition, calorific value and moisture content exist between fuels, all of which are important to the power plant design. For example, woody fuels typically have higher moisture content than straw fuels and offer further opportunities for heat recovery. To date, DP CleanTech has worked with and developed specialised technology for over 60 fuel types including varieties of biomass and industrial and municipal solid waste. Capitalizing on this knowledge, DP CleanTech will work closely with you during the planning phase to define the right fuel mix, fuel preparation and fuel handling.

    Visit our BiomassLab to test your fuels now.

  • DP CleanTech design and engineering of biomass and waste-to-energy combustion systems

    Design & Engineering

    One of DP CleanTech’s core competences is the design and engineering of biomass and waste-to-energy combustion systems. Our original technology is present in some of the first biomass power plants in the world which are still running well today. Pre-engineering packages are often required to provide proof of concept for the technology; or to provide a headstart on the project whilst it is awaiting certain approvals. The pre engineering phase can be conducted by DP as a standalone exercise 
    DP employs cutting edge CFD software to simulate the internal combustion conditions of the boiler. Our detailed knowledge of biomass and waste fuels allows each new project to be optimally designed according to the specific fuels involved and local legislative standards. 
  • DP CleanTech manufacturing,Procurement and installation

    Manufacturing, Procurement and Installation

    DP CleanTech’s well-managed global supply chain includes a dedicated quality department, diversified manufacturing facilities in Poland, and strategic partnerships with key suppliers worldwide. Such an infrastructure ensures first class quality and flexibility for your project.

    In 2010 DP CleanTech invested €1.5mill in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jędrzejów, and in 2011 increased capacity by an additional 2,000 square meters to help service increasing demand. The workshop supplies boilers and auxiliary components for biomass and waste-to-energy projects throughout Europe, in addition the facility includes Inconel wall welding, a key component in the growing waste-to-energy market. 

    DP CleanTech’s experienced engineering and installation team can handle all aspects of the development, manufacturing and installation of the boiler island, on an EPC basis. The boiler island comprises all components of a power plant other than the turbine. It therefore includes the boiler itself (including the pressure parts), the fuel handling system, the feeding systems and the combustion waste handling system.

  • DP CleanTech project management and project delivery

    Project Management and Project Delivery

    Guaranteed Project Delivery

    The global management structure and supply chain is supported by regional centres of excellence for engineering and manufacturing; and localized project delivery teams. This gives us the ability to maximize productivity and minimize cost by deploying our resources more cost effectively and in a timely manner. 

    Project management

    From day one you will be introduced to a region-specific project manager and the senior vice president with overall responsibility for the success of your project. Our workforce has a sophisticated and integrated process-driven approach to business, and a project based company structure that helps our experienced teams react quickly and decisively to client needs.

  • DP CleanTech commissioning a fossil fuel plant


    Commissioning a biomass power plant is not the same as commissioning a fossil fuel plant and requires a customized approach for each fuel type. Commissioning involves all the preparation steps between a plant being installed and being fully operational. These steps include plant testing, preparing documentation, training operating staff and making appropriate changes for automation.
    Our fully qualified and experienced team is dedicated to biomass and waste-to-energy plants only. Commissioning a biomass power plant for a specific fuel is essential for ensuring that a plant obtains a stable maximum capacity and is a highly specialized skill. 
  • Operator Training and Automation

    An often-overlooked element of lower boiler efficiency is related to operator training and a lack of automation. Poor standards of commissioning and equipment calibration are frequently an initial cause of general operating problems. This is often compounded by the fact that operators – through lack of training or simply human error – further negatively impact the efficiency of the boiler operation and therefore the lifetime of the boiler. DP undertakes operator training to communicate the fundamentals of biomass combustion, and in the proper use of automated control systems.