South East Asia

Our range of solutions has been optimized for the complex fuels found in the region; and with an office in Bangkok, Thailand, DP has both the solutions and the execution ability to successfully deliver projects throughout SE Asia. Our Thai office was established in 2009 in order to capitalize on a number of specific opportunities for biomass projects in the region. Thailand is one of the more advanced biomass markets in the SEA and Australasia region, and being based in Bangkok provides greater visibility of the whole market as well as an ability to move quickly if needed. DP built the world’s first “coconut waste to energy” plant in the world, which started operation in April 2016. Its success has been well recognized and the plant is an example of DP’s expertise in providing technical and practical solutions that are founded on a deep understanding of fuel combustion characteristics. 

Following considerable success in China and Europe, an office was established in Bangkok in 2009. Since then the region has become an increasingly attractive market with huge biomass resource potential and strong government incentives - particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Other newly emerging markets are following this lead and prospects for development are very positive. 
As part of an ongoing Research and Development effort, DP CleanTech has developed specialized boilers adapted for Thai and other local regional fuels and market conditions. To meet specific customer requirements, adjustments have been made to optimize performance for the variety of biomass fuels prominent in the region. DP CleanTech has also optimized its 10 MWe solution to meet the increasing demand in Thailand’s VSPP Market.
Our Thai office is the base for all project execution in the Asia Pacific region, with support from the Philippines for ongoing projects. Sales, Project Management, Technical and Procurement functions are able to advise and assist customers in developing biomass projects in all regions and throughout all development phases. DP’s professional global network delivers not only a value proposition, but also the additional guarantee of first class international quality standards at all stages of the project. Furthermore we will deliver biomass and waste-to-energy projects on a full EPC turnkey basis.

Project Case Studies

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Mahachai, Thailand- Coconut Waste to Energy Power Plant Complex fuels EcoMulti Boiler  
Asea One Power Mixed Fuel and Multi Fuel   EcoMulti Boiler  
Chokchai Green Power Project Straw   MaxSolo Boiler