DP CleanTech built the first biomass power plant in China. DP has its Asia headquarters in Beijing and has developed more biomass power plants than any other company in China.

DP CleanTech is a pioneer, advocate and practitioner of biomass power and green energy in China. Our power plants have improved the livelihoods of millions of farmers; helped state owned utilities profitably meet renewable targets and have improved the perception of biomass power as a viable industry. Emissions regulations in China are amongst the most rigorous in the world, and DP’s technologies have integrated flue gas cleaning technology to ensure that these regulations are met efficiently and cost effectively. Economic, consumer and urban population growth have contributed to an emerging waste disposal problem and DP has both combustion and gasification technologies to address this market.


DP CleanTech developed China’s first biomass power plant in 2006 using European technology, and has since built on average one plant every 2 months. DP is responsible for over 30% of the biomass power plants operating in China today. In addition to biomass combustion, DP‘s European waste-to-energy gasification technology is being introduced.   

DP CleanTech’s Asia Headquarters in Beijing acts as the engine for our operations throughout Asia. We currently have more than 100 employees working throughout the supply chain on everything from design and engineering to quality control right through to commissioning and site service.

This makes DP the leader in providing high quality high performance biomass power plants and related technologies. Our plants are proven to have a better performance and generate better long term profits for our clients. Furthermore our advanced Flue Gas treatment technology has been incorporated into our solutions to more cost-effectively reduce emissions to be well within China’s stringent regulatory standards. Our extensive experience and our global supply chain have given us the ability to deliver quality solutions and excellent value.


Project Case Studies

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Dangshan, China Straw EcoSolo Boiler  
Liaoyuan, China Straw EcoSolo Boiler  
Shanxian, China Waste wood EcoSolo Boiler