UltraMulti Boiler

The DP UltraMulti is the latest enhanced core product in DP’s extensive product range. It is an ‘Ultra’ High Pressure, High Temperature boiler that is designed to combust single or multiple fuel types to extremely high efficiencies. The existing HPHT standards can efficiently combust ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ fuel types but this can be further enhanced by additional pressure parameters. The DP UltraMulti increases the pressure parameters and with the addition of a corresponding Ultra High Pressure turbine, raises the efficiency levels even further. The parameters have been defined by many years of operating experience and extensive operational data and the design is based on the proven 130 t/h DP boiler.  
The development of the UltraMulti is based on an identified client need for even higher productivity from biomass combustion from multiple fuel types; poor or variable quality fuels. The lower calorific value of such fuels means that even small efficiency gains can reap financial benefits that are significant enough to make a difference to ROI. The UltraMulti has been developed using fuel data from over 65 fuel types, and is optimized to suit a wide variety of fuels, as well as being able to handle fuels with moisture levels up to 60%.   
As with all DP biomass boiler technology, the boiler design and materials are specifically targeted at reducing the corrosive effects and slagging propensities of common straw-based fuels.    

Benefits Advantages and Benefits

Engineering UltraMulti Boiler

Improved grate
Grate modifications to improve burnout of low quality fuel, and reduce the carbon content of residue, thereby increasing boiler efficiency
Feeding system
Specially designed feeding system for efficient handling of multiple fuel types
Improved efficiency
UltraMulti can improve efficiencies by ~2-3%
Corrosion resistant
Corrosion resistant materials reduce degradation and increases product life cycle

Designed Performance Parameters (30MW power plant solution)

Main Steam Flow Main Steam Pressure Main Steam Temperature Feed Water Temperature Fuel Consumption
130 t/h 92 bar 540oC 210oC 25 tph
Main Steam Flow 130 t/h
Main Steam Pressure 92 bar
Main Steam Temperature 540oC
Feed Water Temperature 210oC
Fuel Consumption 25 tph

Integrated NOx Reduction Technology with optional SNCR system

Boiler Size Biomass Solution Type Emission standard
130tph Typical non-DP Solution May not meet 300mg/M3
Non-DP Solution + SNCR 100 - 400mg/M3
DP Solution with integrated LowNOx 100 - 400mg/M3
Non-DP Solution + SCR 100 - 200mg/M3
DP Solution with integrated LowNOx + SNCR 50 - 200mg/M3
DP Solution with integrated LowNOx + SCR 50 - 100mg/M3
Boiler Size 130tph
Biomass Solution Type Typical non-DP Solution
Non-DP Solution + SNCR
DP Solution with integrated LowNOx
Non-DP Solution + SCR
DP Solution with integrated LowNOx + SNCR
DP Solution with integrated LowNOx + SCR
Emission standard May not meet 300mg/M3
100 - 400mg/M3
100 - 400mg/M3
100 - 200mg/M3
50 - 200mg/M3
50 - 100mg/M3

Project Case Studies

Region Fuel PDF Detail
Fynsværket, Denmark Straw