MaxMulti Boiler

The DP MaxMulti is the most flexible and high performing biomass boiler in DP CleanTech’s portfolio. Using High Pressure High Temperature technology originally developed in Europe, the DP Maxmulti has been further refined and patented to deliver tailored, multiple fuel biomass boilers that are the highest performing solutions available in the market. 

As with all DP’s boiler solutions, the starting point for optimizing performance is a profound knowledge of the fuel characteristics.  Such characteristics will impact the design of the feeding system; the combustion grate and the specific boiler parameters.  DP’s expertise in fuel analysis is a key aspect of our total solution approach.   

The modular nature of the MaxMulti allows for full integration of tailored, additional options to address the problems of poor fuel quality, and the requirement to reduce emissions.  The use of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques can help to extend the plant lifetime.  

The outcome of years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, the DP MaxMulti is state-of-the-art, and offers the most efficient, flexible and reliable biomass solution available on the market today. 

Benefits Advantages and Benefits

Engineering MaxMulti Boiler

DP CleanTech multi fuel biomass boilers
Redesigned grate stock
Grate stock bin redesigned to handle different sized scattered fuel
Improved grate
Grate modifications to improve burnout of low quality fuel, and reduce the carbon content of residue, thereby increasing boiler efficiency
Corrosion resistant materials
Corrosion resistant materials reduce degradation and increases product life cycle
Improved air system
Modifications in air temperature and optimization of air distribution system allows fuel handling with humidity levels of up to 56.7% and LHV of 5045 KJ/Kg. DP

Designed Performance Parameters (30MW power plant solution)

Main Steam Flow Main Steam Pressure Main Steam Temperature Feed Water Temperature Fuel Consumption
130 t/h 92 bar 540oC 210oC 25 tph
Main Steam Flow 130 t/h
Main Steam Pressure 92 bar
Main Steam Temperature 540oC
Feed Water Temperature 210oC
Fuel Consumption 25 tph

Integrated NOx Reduction Technology with optional SNCR system

Boiler Size Biomass Solution Type Emission
130tph Typical Biomass Solution 300mg/M3
DP Solution 200mg/M3 (EU standard)
DP Solution + SNCR 100mg/M3 (National China Standard)
Boiler Size 130tph
Biomass Solution Type Typical Biomass Solution
DP Solution
DP Solution + SNCR
Emission 300mg/M3
200mg/M3 (EU standard)
100mg/M3 (National China Standard)