DUBLIX Engineering

Dublix Engineering has been a leader in providing combustion optimization services for more than 25 years; and has over 65 references worldwide.  DP is working with Dublix in Asia and China to improve services to existing waste to energy and biomass plants, drawing on the expertise of combustion specialists in all technical areas to provide inspection services, optimization and combustion upgrades, with particular emphasis on optimization through automation.

Dublix engineers are expert in providing plant inspection services to identify the causes of problems and recommend the best solution to optimize or upgrade the plant.


Optimization systems installation and review

  • Installation and use of an automated optimization system is key to long term stability, reliability and efficiency of the plant.


Combustion Systems, equipment servicing and upgrades

  • Upgrades cover the full range from: equipment supply, mechanical modifications and combustion control system re-engineering.
  • The focus is always on achieving better overall control of the combustion process.
  • The return on investment is typically between 3-6 months.


Grate upkeep and upgrades

  • Improving combustion coordination for primary and secondary air, cooling water, flue gas recirculation and excess air.


Boiler Operation and Cleaning

  • Regulating temperature control of flue gas, and reducing fluctuations in flue gas flow Installing a DD-Jet system to keep boiler efficiency at the highest level and improve the availability of the complete boiler complex system.

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