Global agriculture produces millions of tons of residues every year, mainly in the form of straw. DP CleanTech is the world leader in straw-firing, having built over 25 straw power plants in Europe and China. The straw fired boiler consists of a complete range of specially designed components including the water cooled vibrating grate which is defined to handle different types of straw like wheat, corn and rice straw.

Straw is an agricultural crop by-product, made up of the dry stalks of cereals and legumes after removal of the grain and chaff.  Typical straw crops are wheat, oats, barley, rice, rye, millet and other varieties of grain.  Normally straw residue is about half of the crop yield, making straw residue one of the most abundant agricultural residues available.  Straw can be more of the more woody variety if the definition of straw is extended to include other plant residues. No matter the straw type, DP is a pioneer and acknowledged straw firing expert, with experience in combustion of all straw types.  

Type of Straw

  • Agricultural crop residues make up the majority of available biomass, but the same grain crop will differ in composition depending on the strain, the region it is grown and the harvesting and collection norms.

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