Research and Development

At DP CleanTech we are always looking to improve our products and services so that they can meet or exceed the levels of performance needed by our customers to maintain a sustainable and profitable business. Our world class combustion technology is already proven to be of world class quality and we are the market leader in biomass technology in China.  
It is through continuous innovation and commitment to enhancing our technological offerings that DP has excelled within biomass and waste to energy. With our dedicated engineering hub in Poland and research initiatives in Europe and Asia, we are continuing to pioneer new fuel solutions and to further optimize existing solutions.
Our latest product and service package represents a significant step towards addressing several key problems that are prevalent in biomass power plants in China, in particular:
  • •  Enhancing the resistance to corrosion of our products
  • •  Improving cost effectiveness of emissions management through combined SNCR + SCR technology  
  • •  Providing and implementing proprietary advanced automation controls to improve boiler and plant performance

DP have recently formed a Joint Venture company with key client Everbright International to address issues that are compromising the performance of existing solutions; as well as developing innovative and performance- enhancing products for the future.  Our collaboration and information sharing approach with key clients enables us to investigate problems thoroughly and to trial possible solutions.