Give us fuel and we will deliver you clean energy

DP CleanTech delivers solutions that are performance guaranteed. Organic and non-organic residues provide excellent opportunities to create energy - however fuels are complex and non-homogeneous, and a deep understanding of fuel properties, as well as a customized approach is required. In Europe we are seeing an increasing demand for dedicated biomass power plants running on locally sourced agricultural waste residues; DP’s straw, wood, and mixed fuel HPHT solutions have proven to be extremely reliable in helping our customers ensure plant availability and maximise returns on investment. In emerging economies, where the fuels are often more complex, difficult to process or variable in nature, DP has developed an expertise second to none in providing specialist solutions to overcome such challenges and we have built a reputation for reliable and efficient boiler technologies that can address poor quality and constantly differing fuel mixes. Our special flue gas cleaning expertise guarantees that emissions - even for complex fuels - are kept well within the most stringent government limits.
Boiler and plant equipment such as emissions management technologies, fuel feeding systems and other auxiliaries are available as part of an end to end design. 
Waste-to-energy is also gaining momentum as governments look for urgent solutions to reduce landfill and generate electricity and heat for towns and cities. For MSW feedstocks, DP offers a range of proven, reliable combustion and gasification technologies with which to reliably handle the most difficult fuels, with very low emissions.  
DP provides a one-stop shop for biomass to power conversion. We cover all aspects of a project from fuel analysis and project feasibility studies, to technical design, installation, commissioning, automation, maintenance and operator training. Our detailed knowledge and experience together with highly professional project management and dedicated teamwork will ensure the success of your project. DP CleanTech excels in providing the right total solution for your requirements, and delivering as promised.